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Comedian on Stage

What's this all about?

Stand up comedians have done more than just entertain audiences with their jokes. They've also been known to share their opinions on occuring issues and make a joke out in order change the audience's viewpoints. For comedy has always been used as a coping mechanism by helping audience's see daily situations as funny instead of sad it helps them tackle problems more effectively. However that's not to say that comedy hasn't had it's fair share of controversy over the years. For many comedians in the past have been censored, banned and even sent to jail for jokes that be seen as commonplace today. Thus our modern culture believes that comedians should follow politically correct guidelines more, as it will prevent them stirring up any unneeded controversy. But some people believe that political correctness has ruined comedies' intended purpose. That our modern comedians are no longer brave enough to make fun of issues that do need be laughed at. Thus our modern culture has tried figure out when comedy should be offensive and when it needs to have limits.     

When Humor Helps and Hurts

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